Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lambouh Shrimp

Lambouh Shrimp

mbah CocoUjung Batee BBAP
Little information about Lambouh shrimp is seemed like the result of an affair crosses or two types of shrimp are naturally (monodon with indicus?)
Morphologically similar monodon shrimp but was plain white.Alhamdulillah in seeding process, worked flawlessly, and now we already have a tail 8000 selection of the candidate parent family. His body was larger than vannamei (see picture, and some have reached 220 grams) but its nature is two similar and similar vanamei monodon

These shrimp are registered to become one or two new species because it is not similar to the merguiensis white shrimp, or indicus in Indonesia as well as those listed in the FAO.

Now in Aceh we are studying its growth in traditional ponds, semi intensive and intensive (two-month-old maintenance). Easily one would hope to try a bioflock super intensive. This presence can subtitusied shrimp market vanamei (color) and monodon (the texture of meat)
Many of the benefits of nature and durability astonishing enough, will be reported in the next edition he he

Of course you are curious. (it should be curious)

Two strains of shrimp Lambouh

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