Friday, March 20, 2009


Background info:

Fish excrete waste that is rich in nitrogen through their poop, their urine and through their gills. This waste is toxic to the fish even in low concentrations. Plants thrive on nitrogen and nitrogen is a primary nutrient that fuels plant growth.

Here's the scoop:

In an aquaponics system, a tank of fish is plumbed to a growing system of plants in a recirculating system where the water goes from the fish to the roots of the plants and pumped back again in a continuous cycle.

In the process, the plants suck up the toxic nitrogen waste from the fish tank water and grow exuberantly. The water is then cleansed and purified and provides ideal water quality for the fish.

In an aquaponics system, two complimentary "crops" are produced for the same amount of effort- fish and veggies.

Aquaponics mimics a simplified symbiotic feedback loop found within most ponds, lakes and rivers where fish and plants coexist.

Aquaponics is the essence of a balanced aquatic ecology.

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