Monday, September 21, 2009

Abalone Farming

This Blog site by Robert J. Bishop is to help people better understand abalone farming or other types of marine/fresh water farming from time to time.

The Marine Environmental Aquaculture Recirculation Systems (MEARS) is one of the ways I believe is the future for aquaculture farming.

On land MEARS will help to minimize the use of natural resource and improve productive and profit.

In brief a MEARS works like this.

1. The building is made of freezer panel to keep the temperature the same all year which has better R value than normal building material. With aluminum wall coverage this makes the farm easy to wash down keeping the farm cleaner and faster to put up.

2. Since the farm uses seawater we can use fresh water to clean all equipment without using harsh chemicals.

3. Using a Geothermal system for temperature control help greatly cut down on the electrical cost by using the ground temperature to main our requirements temperature all year round.

4. By using new technology we can monitor, control and maintained all our parameters to achieve a better product while making less need for import materials to the farm.

5. We use rain water from the roof of the building to help make up the loss in the normal farming environment and cleaning. This even in a 50% less rain fall than normal for North Carolina will still save us 68% in water cost pumping and taking of ground water.

I’m working to help people make a difference for the future so we can feed ourselves and not keep going to the ocean which is not an open and endless seafood basket.

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