Monday, December 14, 2009

Plankton Abundance and Diversity in Mangrove Pond (Rhizophoria mucronata)

From research conducted by the Aquaculture Research Center in Jakarta Indonesia mangrove pond Blanakan village Subang district of West Java with a method of research conducted at four stations are:
1. Open Pond
2. Pond Intercropping
3. Pond Soil Incurred
4. Perhutani Pond.
The observed parameters are: composition, abundance, diversity index, uniformity index and dominance index, obtained results that the abundance of plankton in the ponds reaches Blanakan village mangrove 2161.5 to 2391.46 ind / L which is dominated by Chrysophyceae class while the plankton community in ponds mangrove village Blanakan quite stable with the diversity index of 1.83 to 0.36, the uniformity index of 0.78 - 0:09 and the dominance index of 0.24 to 0.07.

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