Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shrimpculture in The Rainy Season

The Rainy Season, Do not be Lazy to Feed for Shrimps
During the rainy season, the feeding programs (mainly related to the daily feeding) is usually disrupted both the feeding frequency and the level of prevalence of feed distribution in the pond. This condition is more influenced by human resource factor, mainly who is responsible for providing feed on shrimps. The factor associated with this condition is the level of discipline in conducting the feeding program that has been determined. It can not be denied, during the rainy season usually creates a feeling lazy on human.

As already mentioned above that aspects of feeding programs are usually disrupted during the rainy season is the levels of feeding frequency and feed distribution prevalence. If connected with a sense of lazy that appears during the rainy season, the feeding conditions that occur are as follows:

1. During the rain, feeding program is not conducted. This condition cause a reduction in feeding frequency on that day;

2. During the rain, the feed given to shrimp is not scattered evenly in the pond but just piled on some point locations. This condition causes the feed is not spread evenly.

Both conditions mentioned above, if conducted repeatedly in one period may lead to disruption of shrimp condition especially on the level of shrimps uniformity even in extreme conditions can cause a decreasing in shrimp populations with the rationale as follows:

1. Feed given unevenly in a pond (only in some locations) lead to some shrimps in a population missed the feed to be consumed. This condition can cause the level of shrimp growth in the population is not the same relatively, so if this happens repeatedly, the level of shrimps uniformity in the population will vary;

2. Reduced frequency of on shrimp feeding at a a moment will be able to make the shrimp in the process of cannibalism as a “claim” against the needs of feed at that time. Continuous process of cannibalism which will cause the decreasing of shrimp population in a cultivation period.

Referring to the mentioned explanation above, even though the rainy season it should avoid feeling lazy in providing feed to the shrimp. Discipline factor is one important factor in the shrimp culture, especially during the rainy season. However as is often described in previous discussions that one of the basic philosophy of shrimp culture is "we follow the shrimp needs not the shrimps follow our desire." Referring to this condition it can be said that the shrimps were also always having needs that must be met in any season. So when the rainy season, it should avoid the feeling lazy to feed on shrimp, because when rain the shrimps also require feed to be consumed.

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