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EEL FISH OR BELUT FISH (Monopterus albus)

Eel fish or Belut is familiar to the public. These fish are easily found in the rice field region. These fish have in common with the snake when he was on the surface of the rice fields, which is moving with the sway-toss his body. to the right and left, and the main features of the body slimy.

Although different body shape, unique taste and the meat nutrient content and high protein is needed by our bodies. Eels contain acids
saturated fat by 20%. Type of fat contained in the eel, including type of omega-3 that has many benefits including:

- Preventing coronary heart disease;
- Increasing the development of the brain (Nutrition brain),
- Helps reduce high blood pressure (hypertension);
- Helping cancer and kidney disease;
- Increase vitality and stamina;
- Improve the function of the eye.

Over time, and increased public knowledge about the importance of animal protein, as well as an easy way of processing, Eels became popular and favored by rural and urban communities.

Catching a large scale to meet consumer demand caused eel populations increasingly less, especially if it means catching the highly forbidden by the government, as a surprise given the electric current using batteries.

Looking at these conditions, it must find some way to preserve it. Members of farmer groups and epen Iwan Hermawan Sukendar with a built Wawan Setiawan WMO SP., Successful conservation effort, eel through a variety of research danpercobaan for 8 years.
With this success, the consumer does not have to depend on the results from wild capture.

Eels from the business side is promising because the demand from within and outside the country until the current unmet demand and the growing number of day let alone there is increasing recognition by some countries that Indonesia, especially the Eels came from Java island has the highest quality.

KNOW MORE ABOUT EEL FISH (Monopterus albus)

Eel is a water animal that lives with the media should be smooth mud. Then why the Eels need to use the media as a place of fine mud of his life? This is because:

• Eels need for her safety from predators and weather all with bury his body in mud;

• eel does not have scales and fins so easily hurt;

• eel slime covered by a liquid such as cooking oil that is useful to maintain the stability of the body. to facilitate in making the hole as a place of residence;

• eel in finding prey or food by waiting in front of the end of the hole which is used as a place to lurk for the passive nature of the eels;

• Eels will become active and when to feel hungry cannibals or
if you're looking for a partner to perform marriages according to their growth period;

. Including fish, eels are not greedy, hence slower growth compared with other fish species besides Eels did not have indigestion that can digest food quickly because it forms a single extended digestion like shape.


Eel reproduction through several phases, namely:

1. After a continuous observation in the field then the results obtained adult eel will usually find a partner for mating to fill each vacancy and fertilize each other. Female eels Eels will search for a male who will fertilize the eggs that are ready out of the stomach;

2. Eels males will find females who are ready to be fertilized and membuahinya. In the fertile period could eel more than one partner and the group huddled together to find a suitable partner with instinct. After obtaining a suitable partner is usually not too much size, slightly larger males with females;

3. couples who are ready to perform the marriage will swim toward the hole or a nest prepared by sipejantan in place and the couple will perform the marriage and this marriage will fertilize each other;

4. After a few days there is usually a sign of marriage shaped yellowish-white foam on the water eel females store eggs in the bubbles and yellow eel will be attended by the male until the eggs hatch, whereas female eel after he took the eggs immediately went to find food because of hunger after
to marriage or create a new hole to remain silent and peered prey which, through

5. Eel eggs will hatch after 1 to 7 days, during the same lump of foam can last until the eggs hatch into larvae eel and eel males will wait faithfully;

6. After hatching the seeds, the seeds will find their own food and be able to survive from predators who sometimes come from the Eels a larger size because the eel groups including animal cannibals. Struggle to find food and protection should be done to become an adult eel (up to age 6 months).

According to the observations in the field, Eels reproduce more of there time in accordance with its fertility, because the eel is a hermaphrodite animals by each other, filling between males and females.

Eels including hermaphrodite animals which, according to observations of some people is difficult to distinguish between females and males Eels, Eels think there are initially female and after marriage malakukan will turn into a male eel. Next empty male eel does not have sex often called sissy eel.


In the early start today, Eels tend to look female because it contains egg fertilized ready to be issued and male eels and eel during the mating fertilize each other in a natural way and complement each other as a form of sexual exchange with a fertilized to hatch.
After the completion of marriage eel males will turn into a female while the female eel will turn into a male. So this cycle continues during the fertile conditions are good eel.

Before we cultivate eel, there are some things that must be considered, including:
1. Place.
West Java in general have a wide rice fields and rice paddies are a very suitable place for eel cultivation.
2. Height. The best height for
eel cultivation is 500 to 700 above sea level.
3. Water quality. Water is needed to clear water, rich in oxygen and not polluted by the waste and toxic chemicals.
4. Temperature. Temperature strongly supports the growth of eel ranges from 28 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Prospective parents will be used in cultivation must be in good health with signs as follows:
• Members of the body intact and smooth, no injury or disability;
• Aggressive and capable of moving swiftly;
• Body hard and did not limp when held;
• Age eels between 3 to 5 months.


In the habitat, eel including carnivores. (meat eater), because. Eels eat all kinds of living organisms that fall into the water like water fleas, insects, worms, tadpoles, frogs children, maggots, small fish, snails and marus.


Pests of cultivated common place. Eel is a beaver, mice and snakes rice fields.


The cause of a disease that frequently attacks Eels:
- Lack of food, causing weakness and eel are cannibals;
- Giving feed excessive;
- Poisoning is the result of sulfide gas from the decomposition of plants around the pool;
- Stress caused by changes in water temperature suddenly.

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  1. Eel fish farming was easier than the cultivation of Barramundi