Sunday, January 17, 2010

Planting water plants for fish

Tropical water plants for aquariums mostly marketed in plastic packaging, which at the bottom of the pot with a handle given the mineral wool. This will protect the plants and give the roots to continue to develop the ideal start of the sorting plant and cut like at the beginning of planting until the planting location.

Pot and new mineral wool may be released when ready to be planted. Use plastic pots easily removed from the roots - roots that live in it. Roots that had spread can be removed carefully from the plastic pots. if there are too much long roots, should be cut with scissors or a knife. because plant roots can spread out more easily.

Small plants and flat as Lilaeopsis is sometimes difficult to replanted when mineral wool is removed. In some cases, or occasionally simply by removing the bottom of the mineral wool and the rest with roots can be put into the aquarium.

Before planting should be used to dispose the old leaves , so the Alcan plant look more attractive. It is expected that new plants will grow up and appear new leaves in accordance with the conditions of the aquarium water and lighting available.

source: Warta Pasar Ikan, Dir. Marketing of the Interior, Directorate General P2JP, DKP 2009

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